Thursday, October 12, 2017

Harvey Weinstein Pictured Giving A Huge 'F*** You'

A defiant Harvey Weinstein was pictured giving a huge 'f*** you' to the world on Wednesday, hours before he headed to rehab believed to be in Arizona.

The embattled movie mogul looked bedraggled as he entered the offices of his lawyer Patty Glasser flanked by stern-faced and suited male members of his entourage.

As he walked in through the doors, the disgraced 65-year-old flipped the bird, appearing unrepentant in the face of a slew of shocking allegations of rape and sexual assault from at least 30 Hollywood actresses.

Indeed, Weinstein has found himself isolated and alone as the sexual assault allegations have piled up, leading him to complain that he has been abandoned by his Tinsel Town friends.

Dressed in a leather jacket and black t-shirt that showed off his portly frame, the former movie exec later flew out of LA to The Meadows center, where celebrities including Tiger Woods sought treatment following his DUI bust earlier this year.

Before he left he spoke to photographers and admitted, 'I'm not doing okay but I'm trying, I gotta get help.'

Again the mogul wished for a 'second chance' and then appeared to attack Hollywood A-listers in the clip obtained by TMZ, saying, 'And you know I've always been loyal to you guys, not like those 'f*****g p****s who treat you like s**t. I've been the good guy.'

That capped the end of a torrid day for Weinstein, after he had a public meltdown at his daughter's house on Wednesday morning which had prompted her to phone 911 and report him as 'suicidal'.


  1. Let him rot in jail


  2. He is unrepentant
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