Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Jeremy Meeks' Wife Takes Him To Court Over Their Son's Welfare

Jeremy Meeks is an absentee father whose success as the so-called "Hot Felon" went straight to his head ... so claims his estranged wife.

Melissa Meeks has filed documents demanding child and spousal support, as well as sole legal and physical custody, claiming Jeremy sees their 7-year-old son "maybe 2 days a month."

In the documents, Melissa says Jeremy "basically lives as a playboy with a rich girlfriend", TopShop heir Chloe Green.

Melissa claims he drives a $150k car and has lots of jewelry now.

She doesn't list how much she wants in support because "I am not yet sure of his income, but I am sure it is more than mine."

She says Jeremy's "success went to his head and he left us."

Recall, he filed documents back in July to separate from Melissa after 8 years of marriage. He filed for divorce in October.


  1. Werey man. Take money from your billionaire girlfriend now. No shame

  2. You can take care of your son without him

    1. You are mad

    2. The only sick and mad person here is anon 09: 43 because silence is sometimes golden