Friday, October 20, 2017

Mariah Carey's Los Angeles Home Burgled

Mariah Carey had roughly $50,000 worth of purses and sunglasses stolen from her Los Angeles mansion during a break-in.

Burglars gained access to her residence around 3am Thursday entering through a window or door on an upper floor, law enforcement officials told TMZ.

Thieves surprisingly didn't take any of the mother-of-two's pricey jewelry, but instead they stole her more than valuable sunglasses and purses.

Carey was not harmed during the incident since she is currently in New York City.

Burglars did trip a silent alarm when they entered her home, but her security team did not notice the break-in until a few hours later. 

Authorities have not made any arrests and are still investigating.  

Carey is just the latest celeb to be hit by crooks this year. Jason Derulo, David Spade, Emmy Rossum, Scott Disick and more all have been robbed during 2017.


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