Sunday, October 1, 2017

Mother Of Caleb Student Murdered By Babymama SPEAKS

Tell us about yourself.

I am Queen Akinbule, a businesswoman. I had eight children – four boys and four girls. Now they are seven. Morrison was my third son and sixth child.

For how long have you known your late son’s baby mama?

I knew her last year after I found out she was pregnant for my son. My grandson is now a year and six months.

How old was your son?

He was 20 years. His baby mama is also 20 years. Her name is Rosemary Chidinma Umeh.

How did your son meet her?

He met her at a tutorial centre. He met her after he completed secondary school.

Did you approve of their relationship?

I accepted her after I found out she was pregnant. In fact, I took her as my child. When I learned that she needed some money to pay for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, I willingly gave her money. Prior to that, I learned she was at home for almost three years. I also enrolled her at a special tutorial centre. I paid N35, 000 for that. I was happy when I heard she passed the UTME as her cut-off mark was 260. She finally gained admission to the University of Lagos to study Theatre Arts.

How would you describe their relationship?

Their relationship was going smoothly prior to his death. My son loved her very much. He had plans to marry her.

What could have made her kill your son?

I don’t know what would have made her kill my son.

Does she live in your house?

No, she only comes over to my house whenever my son is on holiday.

Tell us all that transpired on the day your son died.

I was at home while my son was in his room. She sneaked into our house that night. I didn’t know she was in my house. I was asleep. It happened at night around 10 pm.

One of my grandsons went to Morrison’s room to watch a movie. When he got there, he met Morrison on the ground. He tapped him several times but he didn’t move. He then called one of his aunts who also tapped Morrison but he didn’t wake up. Immediately, she rushed into my room and told me Morrison was lying on the ground.

When I got there, I met him on the ground. His head was on the bed while the rest of his body was on the ground. His baby mama was seated on a bed staring at us. I carried his lifeless body and began to beat his body but he didn’t move. I bit a part of his body with my teeth but he still didn’t move. As I lifted him, I saw a cloth tied round his neck. As we were about to lift him to rush him to a hospital, his baby mama then shouted, ‘Morrison! Morrison!’

How was her expression while you were trying to wake him?

She wasn’t crying. She wore expressionless face.

Have you met her parents before?

Yes, they also stay at Gbagada.

Reports indicated that your son had a fight with his baby mama some minutes before she killed him.

They didn’t have a fight. I was at home, I didn’t hear any noise. If they had a fight, we all would have heard. There is a room and parlour opposite Morrison’s room. One of us would have heard a noise.

What course was Morrison studying?

He was studying political science. He was an excellent student. Through all the time he was in school, his G.P.A was 4.7. He was a governor in his department.

What were some of his goals?

He wanted to be a politician in future.

What did you observe after relating with your son’s baby mama before his death?

It was after my son died that I began to hear all sorts of things about her. Many people said bad things about her.

How have you been coping since his death?

All I have to say is that Morrison was not my first son or second son but he was my ultimate. I miss him dearly. He used to help me with my business. Among all my children, he especially used to help me with my business. He was my husband, son, friend and personal assistant. Most of my clients knew him.

If you were to speak to your son’s baby mama face-to-face, what would you tell her?

I will tell her that God will judge her for her action. I know that my son really loved her.

How did her parents react to their child’s act?

In fact, as I speak, her parents have not come to see me. The only time her father called me on the phone was when she was taken to Panti. He begged me to forgive his daughter. Since then, he hasn’t called again.


  1. Too bad. The biggest pain for someone is to bury their kids. Rip Morrison

  2. The babymama should also be killed

  3. If the child is already a year plus that means he started dating her at 18. Parent should train their children in the right way

  4. Home training is essential to avoid stories like this

  5. The victim is dead and so, he cannot tell us his own side of what happened.

    The narrative here is from the mother of the victim who was not with the victim when the victim was murdered, and so she has no information as to what led to the killing of the victim.

    Can somebody interview the lady who allegedly strangled or strangulated (which ever rocks your boat) her babydaddy to death for us to hear and make sense out of what really happened?

    It seems she, the baby mama is the only one who can tell us what happened between her and her baby daddy.

    Maybe Ladun should send a reporter to visit her at Kirikiri maximum prison or wherever she is being held to obtain an interview from her for us the readers of

    Meanwhile, i think we should all give this lady that allegedly murdered her baby daddy the benefit of the doubt till we hear from her or her lawyer if she has been provided a lawyer.

    Passing judgement on her without hearing her side is not fair, as she could have mistakenly killed her baby daddy in self defense.

    Was her baby daddy trying to sleep with her against her wish, which now led to a struggle and in the process she strangled the guy to death?
    If that was the case, how come the guy wasn't met at least partly naked? How come she didn't shout or raise an alarm since there were other people in the house with them?

    Could it be that they had an argument because one of them was cheating, which now led to the struggle?

    For the baby daddy to have been strangled to death, there must have been a struggle.

    Also, how come she was not in panic mode when the mother of the victim came into the room?
    Is this then a premeditated murder because, if not, how come she didn't quickly seek help when the guy collapsed after being strangled, despite her not being in panic mode?

    The question is, what happened that led to the struggle between this couple, and why on earth would she ever be aiming to kill her baby daddy, as strangling somebody is an attempt to kill that person.


    1. Olu, Mr. Essay writer,
      How strong can a pregnant girl be? Strong enough to strangle a young man? Without any fight back? I seriously doubt that.. There is more to this..

      Seyi Houston

    2. @ Seyi, How does BabyMama turn out to be 'pregnant girl'