Monday, October 2, 2017

O.J's Prosecutor Feels Sorry For People Who Would Live Next To Him

Chris Darden thinks once a double murderer, always a double murderer and that's why he thinks the Florida Attorney General may have a point in trying to block O.J. Simpson from moving to the Sunshine State.

The famous O.J. prosecutor was stopped at LAX and even though O.J. was acquitted Darden still calls him a double murderer. He worries for unlucky parents who might end up living next door to Simpson.

Darden has no faith O.J. has been rehabilitated in the last 9 years behind bars.

And then there's the possibility of another Bronco chase ...


  1. The guy just hates OJ

    1. Abi o this na real hatred.oj has done his bid in jail for 8 years eatsur fucking business let him b.dude is jealous of d fame dat oj has enjoyed all this years