Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Photo: 24 Hours To Her Wedding, Bride Arrested With Another Boyfriend During Cult Initiation

A woman, Bose Christopher, has been arrested for alleged involvement in cultism, 24 hours to her proposed wedding ‘introduction’ in Abeokuta.

The police said the suspect was arrested by the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, FSARS, during the initiation of cult members in a hotel.

They said Miss Christopher had gone to the initiation ceremony with a boyfriend when she was arrested alongside other suspected cultists.

The accused spoke with Premium Times on Wednesday while being paraded alongside 30 other members of the cult group‎ at the police headquarters, Eleweran in Abeokuta.

“It is true, I went with my boyfriend to the party and it is also true that my wedding introduction was scheduled to hold the following day I went to the ceremony with my boyfriend,” she said.

But Miss Christopher denied being a member of the cult group or knowing that her boyfriend, who she claimed she started a relationship with two weeks earlier, was a cultist.

“I met him (boyfriend) about two weeks ago and I never knew he is a cult member. He just called me after I closed from the shop to join him at the party,” she said‎. Funny!


  1. No one knows the truth but it seems she is telling the truth just that her olosho ways got her in ad company while God was saving the would-be husband from disaster.

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  2. Stupid lady. You met a guy two weeks and have started following him to a perty. Joker

  3. The guy she ought to marry was so lucky. Thank God she was caught

  4. What is a would-be bride doing with a boyfriend

  5. She would have been cheating on her husband if she was not caught