Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Policewoman Breastfeeds A Suspect's Hungry Baby As The Mother Is Attending A Trial

A mother's love is unconditional.Hao Lina, a police officer in China, has melted the hearts of millions after breastfeeding the four-month-old baby of a suspect.

The infant's mother was attending a trial and could not nurse her crying child. She had given permission to Ms Hao before letting her baby be fed.

 The baby's mother was charged with fraudulent fund-raising, illegally absorbing public deposit and crime concealment with 33 other people, according to the court.

Ms Hao, a mother herself, said the baby had been left under her and her colleagues' care before its mother went for the trial.

'The baby wouldn't stop crying and we were all worried,' said Ms Hao.

'I am a new mother, I could feel how anxious the child's mother would have been. All I thought about was to try my best and comfort the tiny baby.'

After gaining the permission of the baby's mother, Ms Hao found a quiet corner in the building and breastfed the baby.

The baby's gender has not been revealed.

The scene was captured by one of Ms Hao's colleagues.


  1. The policewoman must be a nursing mother

  2. I just hope she does not have cancer o

  3. Awww, mother's love 😍 😍

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  4. What happened to baby's food?

    1. The baby is probably on exclusive breast feeding and won't be able to take baby formula.