Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Sheybi We Told You Some Guys Will Be Enticed By These Denim Flower Pots?

Well Jim already did. He even 'shamelessly' wrote about the journey to tapping the ass, lol. Cray, cray! Damn!!!

He wrote; Had a BIZ dinner with big bro @iceoflifee CEO of TRAFFIC Hotel/Bar ASOKORO. Met these bootymaximus ladies. Couldn't resist tappin dat A$$ on my way out!! Flower jean butty theme conceived, designed and nurtured by Chucks. When your erotic symmetrical creation merges with your profound horticultural propensity. Dammnnn Big bro is one twisted genius tho!! Only made in Naija! 😂😂😏😂🤣 #NnaNneUkwu #LiveLaughLove #HipsDontLie #BootyMaximus #HadToRestMyTiredHandsOnDatButtyForAMinute