Monday, October 23, 2017

VIO Official Allegedly Assaulted In Abuja PLUS How A Cool LL Reader Saved The Day [Photos]

A VIO officer with his names as Sunday Danlandi was on friday allegedly assaulted by a taxi driver and his friends. John Oputa, a Ladun Liadi (LL) reader based in Abuja sent in the report as an eyewitness. John says, the VIO official stopped the taxi driver, but unknown to him, the taxi driver was an agbero and before he knew what was going on, his agbero friends joined him, and beat up the official leaving him injured in the process.

According to John, he was the one who stopped the assault. A photo of COOL John also below... And please before you say why post his photo, it wasn't at your own request ooo. Eshey, lol... (Eshey means thank you). Continue....

COOL John Oputa;


  1. Na God help d vio guy. God Bless u mr.john

  2. Wrong but some of then can overdo things sometimes. ..
    Through wise guidance, kings are made. The foolish wander about for they know not the way to the city. Learn and make a successful career!

  3. The way dem dey beat officials these days na wa

  4. What of the days he has been molesting road users. I am not supporting the driver but some of these men are not holy.

  5. John in his mind is feeling like a celeb now o. Lol
    Thanks anyway

  6. Beating of life

  7. What was the reason? Were they arrested? Over to you mr john

    1. @Richard. from the picture above no police officer was sighted @ d seen...thumbs UP Mr.John.