Friday, November 3, 2017

Daddy Freeze's Instagram Account Hacked Again

Daddy Freeze's instagram account has been hacked again for the second time. The OAP announced the unfortunate incident on his twitter page, saying his IG has been hacked again. But who is hacking Freeze's account? Lol, it could just be one of these boys that feels the OAP needs to chill. Honestly, it might have nothing to do with any pastor like some people are saying.


  1. Serves the scum right

  2. Don't worry your account is in the freezer chilling!!!!
    All you have to do is pray hard and mind your business!
    Social media is not for free, there is always a price and line you don't cross!

    1. Lol @ your account is in the freezer chilling. 😎

  3. He is not wanted on instagram