Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Dr Sid & Simi Esiri's Marriage In Crisis

Dr Sid and Simi Esiri's marriage might be in crisis from all indications. Firstly, they clocked 3 years in marriage in August 2017, and Simi has now deleted her anniversary message from her Instagram page. Not only that, she also deleted her wedding photos.

A photo of Simi which she posted just 3 days ago, sees her with no wedding ring on. Just few days ago also, the couple were spotted taking their daughter out.

Simi and Dr Sid, a Mavin act have a 2-year old daughter together.

Their wedding was a talk of town when it held in 2014. At the moment, they also do not follow each other on instagram.


  1. Why dem no go get problem he is no longer making moni he is broke so fight don start

  2. Okay. Hopefully there would be an official press release.

  3. What is happening to divorce these days

  4. Oh dear, too bad for Dr Sid. His father, Justice Esiri will be ashamed of him right now in grave for a failed music career and a failed marriage

    1. He is a Dentist.
      So many people with poor dentition in Nija, and so he can always concentrate fully on Dentistry and make a living out of it.
      With his house alone, he is way ahead some of peers.
      His life ain't that bad as you are painting it.

  5. People take marriage vows as a huge joke. Scared of getting married sef

  6. if couples unfollow each other on Instagram that means the 'Marriage don crash? Maybe it's another Femi Adebayo's thing

  7. I will only believe this story until both party comes out and announce their separation

  8. Abi the guy na serial cheat

  9. Monitoring spirits everywhere

  10. The main reasons I don't put my life affair on social media