Tuesday, November 14, 2017

El- Rufai Educates Fayose On Sack Of Teachers

The debate on if Governor El-Rufai should sack teachers that failed the competency tests in his state has been on and it has been FIRE!!! Teachers have come out in their numbers carrying placards saying the massive sack shouldn't take place even though MAJORITY of them failed the simple test.

Well President Buhari has now waded in and said he is backing the State Governor on the sack; if for nothing, for the future of Kaduna children. Now, Governor Fayose thinks that is wrong and called President Buhari out. Governor El-Rufai however felt Ekiti State Governor was missing out something, and so he decided to 'educate' him. Their tweets below...


  1. Fayose...dont u understand simple english?...kaduna state govt is simply replacing unqualified teachers n not sacking teachers...stop playing politics with everything...dont blame u..d london mini-cab driver turned a governor

  2. They should be changed because tomorrow future leaders lives at stake

  3. Don't mind the rotten mouth fayose

  4. Don't mind the rotten mouth fayose