Thursday, November 2, 2017

Even Malivelihood's Calculator Is On BLINKS.... Photo

When you make so much dollars in thousands, and you sleep and wake up around Gold, Diamonds, it's only essential the calculator you use in calculating these dollars is in Gold too. Hahaha.

The luxury designer wrote;

The moment when your calculator is worth over $35,000 #madewith650gramsofgoldanddiamonds @malivelihooddesign you better like this 😝#luxury #gold #diamond #jewellery #jewelry #pureluxury #malivelihood.


  1. Na so people they buy gold. They say he is very rich

  2. Guess that calculator ids calculating heavenly figures

  3. This guy just like making noise about being rich, he is rich yet his name is not in naija richest. SMH

  4. Toor. $35,000 on calculator when some people are dying of hunger. Never heard MA's charity or helps the needy aside he bought 30million house for his gf, and gifts. SMH