Thursday, November 2, 2017

FFK, Fayose Are TRUE CHRISTIANS... The Bola Tinubu Angle...

FFK and Governor Fayose are true Christians and here's why. You know it's stale news that they are best of friends? You know best of the best? Recall Fayose personally went to the bank when FFK's wife was 'held' over a frozen account, and personally rescued her? How many do we even want to count.

Asiwaju Tinubu lost his fist son, Jide yesterday and FFK and Ekiti State Governor had to leave their differences to openly console with him. Only two days ago, FFK blasted Tinubu asking him for how long will he 'betray' his people.

And just a day after Tinubu lost his son, and FFK is so sorry. Don't say no big deal, most people don't let go easily, even some so called Christians. So these goes a long way, Fayose & FFK are true Christians and it's just the way God likes it... And we must say we are thrilled! God rests Jide's soul!!!


  1. Love (good heart)does not count on christian or Muslim,pdp or apc just be human, feel for others just as yourself and good things will continue to come your way.

  2. Beautiful people

  3. They are stylishly mocking him

  4. A n ja ki nse bi ti kaku