Thursday, November 23, 2017

Kevin Hart & Wife Share A Kiss As They Leave Hospital With Newborn

The comedian, 38, and his wife, 33, appeared over the moon Wednesday, seen sharing a kiss as they left the hospital with a baby carriage in tow.

The Philadelphia native paired the family photo with a lengthy caption about his love, writing: 'Little Man is coming home....'

He continued, writing: 'I'm lucky to have you in my life and even luckier to call you my wife...I love you woman.'

Happy homecoming! Kevin also gave followers an intimate glimpse into the family's life, posting video of the moment his other half was wheeled out of the hospital.

Look at her go! Kevin couldn't hold back on the compliments, cooing 'Strong woman on the move,' and 'Super woman on the move, look at her!' as Eniko was escorted to the car by a nurse

Going strong! Hart marveled at the miracle of childbirth in his homecoming post, writing 'The strength that [my wife] displayed over these past 3 days was like nothing that I have ever seen'
He finished the caption with a few poignant hashtags and several silly ones to boot, adding: '#ForeverMyRib #Harts #FamilyIsGettingBiggerAndStronger #TeamNoSleep #ThatBoyLovesTheTitty #iGotJealousTwice.'