Thursday, November 30, 2017

Nigerian Bilionaire, Escoba Smith Gifts His Pastor A 2017 Toyota Prado [Photos]

Nigerian Billionaire, Escoba Smith has surprised his Pastor and spiritual mummy with a brand new 2017 Toyota Prado as a birthday gift to her. Excited Escoba who thanked her for being a mother indeed broke the news on Facebook saying;

'Thank you for the special role as my spiritual mother. You give of yourself in so many ways to guide and nurture me and my family in our spiritual lives. Wishing you a HAPPY BIRTH DAY with my Token Gift of Brand New 2017 Toyota Prado'.


  1. Escobar smith why is that for 5 years now u can not return back to maylasia y cannt u go back

  2. And it should be all over social media

  3. When you are receiving favour under the anointing you can give your pastor more....

  4. He should sell it and donate the proceed to charity

  5. All these useless pastors receiving different expensive gifts from the criminals shall have no where to hide on the reckoning day. And the reckoning day is fast approaching.