Monday, November 13, 2017

Tanzanian Actress Sentenced To Two Years In Prison For Manslaughter

Tanzanian actress, Daniel Elizabeth Michael, aka Lulu has been sentenced to two years in jail for the death of her boyfriend, Steven Kanumba in 2012.

Steven Kanumba the great was a Bongo movie actor behind movies like; 'Love in School' that also featured Wema Sepetu and Big Brother Africa 2 winner, Richard Bezuidenhout.

The two, Kanumba and Lulu, were lovers and on the fateful day, they had an argument after Lulu received a phone call from a man sparking off a fight. Steven tried to stop her from getting out of the house. It's said that the Tanzanian actress pushed him to the wall where he hit his head. He was pronounced dead shortly after.

Detectives who came to the scene confirmed that there were blood stains on the wall.

In court, Lulu’s lawyer Peter Kibatala requested the court to pardon his client. He argued that she committed the crime when she was still young.

The lawyer further begged the court to forgive Lulu saying that she is her family’s bread-winner.

Kibatala asked the court to free his client so that she could continue providing for her family.

The High Court however found Lulu guilty of unintentionally killing Steven Kanumba.

Kibatala vowed to challenge the ruling even as Lulu was sent to prison to start serving the two year term.


  1. Let her come and serve her time in kirikiri

  2. 2 years for manslaughter....she is lucky

  3. It is always good to control one's temper

  4. She is lucky she got two years

  5. Hmmm. She did not expect things to be like this

  6. Ladun if you going to tell a story tell the whole thing and stop this copy cut paste which doesn't tell the whole story. Do a but of research. To your stupid commenters saying two years is not enough for y'all know she already did two years in the past and do you all know that 6ft 200lb man was 28 yrs old and she was a tiny bodied 17yr old under age at 4ft11 weighing less than 100lb, in any country in the west this case will be thrown out cos dude was a pedophile and how strong can this tiny girl push this man so hard to cause death. The man was beating on the poor girl out of jealousy, and in his drunken state, she pushes him to protect herself and he accidentally falls hits his head and dies.

    Do some research before you post a story. Why are my fellow Nigerian bloggers so freaking lazy with stories

    1. Fellow Nigerian bloggers? You are a blogger and you are commenting on another person's blog? You are a Dead rat