Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Video: Daddy Freeze's Mom KILLS Four Snakes In Her Bathroom, But Freeze Says It's Not Spiritual

Daddy Freeze has just shared a video showing four snakes in his mom's bathroom and says she killed them all. The FreeTheSheeple advocate called his mom a hero for killing the snakes but says it's not spiritual. He wrote;

My mum is just a #superhero! She killed 4 snakes in her bathtub! If she were from here, she probably would have whipped out her anointing oil and attributed this to the devil, or perhaps imagine it's something 'spiritual', forgetting that they cleared a whole forest before construction.

This is not to say things of the spiritual don't exist, however if your mind has been conditioned to see the 'spiritual' in every explainable natural phenomenon, you find your self embarking upon an endless quest of chasing shadows! ~FRZ

Watch the video after the cut...

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