Friday, November 10, 2017

'What Happened To Her Face?': Khloe's Fans Are Left Baffled At Her Appearance In New Snap

Khloe Kardashian left her fans puzzled on Thursday as she shared a new photo looking rather different than usual.

The TV star, who is rumored to be pregnant, shared a sweet photo of herself cuddling up next to an adorable brown puppy with her makeup immaculately applied as usual.

But her followers were quick to notice something different, with some users accusing the KUWTK star of having a nose job.

'I hope this is a filter and she didn't touch her nose' one commenter wrote while another user seemed sure that surgery was to blame, writing 'Ohh she got her nose done.'

'Something is different about her face' one Instagram user mused, while another wondered if it was the pregnancy glow.

'She looks different here? I wonder what she got done now? Or is it the preggo glow?' they wrote.