Sunday, December 10, 2017

Can We Also Talk About Femi Otedola For A Minute?

We have always written about his best friend, Aliko Dangote, despite they are always together, at least if Dangote is attending 10 functions, be sure he will attend 8 with Otedola and of course vice versa. We have spoken about Dangote's humility several times, but what most of us have failed to do is talk about Otedola's humility as well.

Have you always noticed that just like Dangote, Mr Otedola is always humble beyond words in photos? He also acts like it's a privilege for him to get invited to a party/function, at least those are stories his photos tell when we spot one. Or do we just say it's the bond that brought the two friends together? We are just humbled by the humility these billionaires portray and we think they should be emulated.... 👌


  1. But sometimes sha when the money is too much it will humble you because it will mean nothing to you again

  2. It is what they have in common

  3. There is always a difference between money and power. A billionaire can be made useless without power that is why he has to be humble. Just like Obasanjo almost finished Mike Adenuga if not for the intervention of people that had to plead on his behalf. What will it take a president to seize their license to operate or probe them. To be honest a lot of them might be front for politicians which implies the money is not totally theirs. A lot of top politicians may have stake in their businesses, a lot of the billionaires (Dangote, Otedola, Adenuga) can be fronts for powerful men such as IBB, Obasanjo who knows. That is why we will never see these powerful men on Forbes list, and they have more more than the billionaires.

  4. You don’t know them or personally your conclusion is from photos ..I don’t think Otedola is humble