Thursday, December 7, 2017

I Don't Do Blogs... Omotola Says In New Interview

Mama has changed, hehehe. We know for a fact that she used to, well she says she no longer does it, and so we cool with that. In an interview she posted on her IG, Omotola says she decided to stop because she thinks it's best for her. Blogs, social media are addictive, she said. Below is a video of her giving reasons she stopped doing blogs...


  1. She can't compete with you in blogging naw

    1. What did omotola say, what are you saying

  2. I don't read blogs too

  3. Social media is very addictive she is right

  4. Na today? Make she waka pass jare. When people no longer have relevance, they look for ways of being in the news

  5. This woman is always making everything appear perfect, its hgh time she lets people know that real things are happening out there, if u like read blogs if you like dont, reading of blogs help even the youth in lots of ways, atleast it brings enlightenment