Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Photos: Instagram Model Almost Had Her Lips Torn Off By A Dog

Johnny Manziel's fiancee, Bre Tiesi, almost had one of her lips torn off by a dog. But it looks like she's gonna be OKAY after one of the Kardashians' plastic surgeons worked his magic.
Bre detailed the scary incident on social media, saying her lip was "legit hanging off" after she tried to break up a canine throwdown involving her two pups.

But the IG model wasn't about to let a random doctor mess with her kisser, so she hit up Garth Fisher, a Beverly Hills surgeon who's worked on Kris Jenner and he stitched her up, good as new…


  1. How does the dog bite he lips?

  2. What made the dog target your lips?? And were you dangling your lips to attract the dog?? So many questions left unanswered