Thursday, December 28, 2017

Photos: May D’s Sweden Girlfriend Throws Him A Special Birthday Message + New Photos Of Them

You know we love love. Singer May D is a year older today, and his Sweden girlfriend, Carolina Wassmuth has been keeping us up to date! First she threw him a special birthday message… She wrote; 'A very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY on this day to my baby. I wish you all you want in life❤ more success, happiness and good health. I love you@mrmayd'

Then she also posted the photo below saying; 'Birthday dinner with my special someone…'

We just love their love. How many years now? Lol, yes they are in their years of dating.


  1. She looks young in first picture, she looks older in the second hmm

    1. I concur
      looking like a grandma in the second pix

  2. His girlfriend is his hit single mschew

  3. He should just marry her already

  4. May d career is dead