Tuesday, December 5, 2017

‘This Is Gonna Be A Sweet Victory’, Kiss Daniel Reacts To Lawsuit

Kiss Daniel has confirmed he has really been sued. Reacting to the lawsuit by his former record label, G-World Wide, Kiss Daniel took to IG to say it will be a sweet victory for him. According to the suit filed by his former record label, the singer does not even have a right to use his stage name, Kiss Daniel any more.

I wonder why these artistes sign papers without proper knowledge. You can’t even use your own stage name? Haven’t you been singing before G-World Wide? (Tho was not popular) You signed such a paper? His words below...


  1. You foolishly signed the paper, you don't have any excuse

  2. You signed it because you were hungry for fame

  3. You should apologize to them for breaking the agreement you failed to keep