Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Don't Dare Run For President, Senator Tells Oprah

Senator Marco Rubio says despite the fact Oprah is rich and famous, Trump's more famous and he'd beat her in a head-to-head 2020 election.

TMZ got the Republican Senator Monday at Reagan National Airport and he conceded Oprah is loved by millions, but running for President is a whole other Oprah. He says once she starts taking positions, lots of people who liked her are likely to bail.

On the positive side, he seems to think she'd have the inside track for the Democratic nomination. He knows from experience ... running against someone super famous is tough.


  1. Good advice.
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  2. You would be shocked that if she chooses to contest, black and many white people would vote for her. She is lovable and famous.

  3. Oprah can't defeat trump..... Trump is really favoring the Americans in terms of racism

  4. Oprah's biggest mistake will be to run for office. Stay in your lane Oprah. Go ask your friend Hilary. They are trying to set you up for failure. STAY IN YOUR LANE. There's no girl power in politics. Go ask Hilary. Bitches didn't even vote for her. Stay in your damn lane.