Tuesday, January 16, 2018

FFK Joins Trump To Call CNN Fake News

FFK has taken to twitter this morning to join US President, Donald Trump to call CNN fake news. He was reacting to their report on herdsmen and said the report was inaccurate and decided to borrow Donald Trump's words. What FFK wrote on twitter after the cut....


  1. The report is wrong. CNN has lost capable hands

  2. They don't report what you like and you are mad abi? Meanwhile Trump's best media outfit (fox news) won't even touch it. As usual ffk proves he is shallow. If the media reports News based on how they hear it, it is our duty to correct them with facts. When CNN covered Chibok girls and gave it prominence, he didn't shout fake News o. Olodo- Newyorker

  3. This man stupidity is of the highest order

  4. Dis Yoraba nuisance again.
    No be bastard him fellow Yoruba people dey call am?