Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Matthew Ashimolowo Re-Visits The Issue Of Tithe

Matthew Ashimolowo, the General Overseer of the Kingsway International Christian Center, KICC, has revisited the issue of tithing again. Explaining why it is important to pay tithe, the Pastor took to twitter to say...


  1. Market don go down.
    Mumus don wise small.

  2. Leave tha stupid freeze to be blabbing

    1. Shut up you goat.What wrong has freeze done by opening your eyes? Mathew is saying all this because he is obviously affected but truth be told, he didn't site anywhere it was written in the Bible. This is the pastors 419 ways of manipulating the congregation. I pay my tithe just because I understand that something has,to give way especially bn that without us,they will not be able to do a lot in church but if they continue with their luxurious lifestyles, abegi me I sabi love that life too

  3. Pator freeze don spoil business for una

  4. Pay your tithe and watch God bless you