Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Imo State Indigenes Ranked As Highest Users Of Condoms In Nigeria

Una well done o! Na una get highest numbers of statues, still come get highest number of condom usage! Una doh!! Una do well!! Lol. 

A monitoring and evaluation specialist with United Nation Children's Fund (UNICEF), Maureen Zubie-Okolo, has stated that Imo state indigenes use the highest numbers of condoms in Southeast states.

Zubie Okolo made this statement during a briefing ​in Enugu ​State on Saturday, February 3, while unveiling the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey to newsmen​.

Daily Post reports that, among the South East states​,​ Imo has the highest figure which is 75.9%. Followed by Anambra who ranks at 66.0% and 57.6% for Enugu while Abia and Ebonyi states have 53.5% and 27.5% respectively.


  1. Why do they need commissioner of happiness when they are already happy

  2. This is actually good. Low risk of contacting viruses and prevents unwanted pregnancies

  3. Wait o, they are using protection which means they realise AIDS no dey show for face

  4. They have the highest number of hotel

  5. They should stop it. We want more population in our state.

  6. Abeg leave my people alone joor. Prevention is better.