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Monday, April 16, 2018

Mercy Aigbe Celebrates A Year Of Surviving Husband's Brutality

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has taken to IG to thank God for making her survive her husband's alleged brutality on her one year ago. Remembering the day, Mercy posted the photo above and wrote;

''A year! Thank you Jehovah for grace, for the spirit of forgiveness, for total healing and for strength..... You are worthy to be praised  🏻 🏻#amazon #victor #beautyforashes #mercified ''


  1. This woman likes attention, just grow up and stop social media attention, he is still the father of your son

  2. Haba mercy aigbe stop this nonsense. Why do you deprive pleasure in slandering your ex husband. Remember all he did for you. He forgot his wife for you and brushed u up

  3. Mercy and her lowless life, of what usefulness is this,you better grow up

  4. Why will any sane woman remember such a thing? Your papa never beat your mama before for your face?

  5. Good for her. No to domestic violence