Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Blac Chyna: I’m Not Pregnant, Just Bloated

Blac Chyna doesn't have another bun in the oven, despite a photo that surfaced making some fans think otherwise.

Chyna attended her son, King's kindergarten graduation on Friday wearing a tight pink dress ... prompting people on social media to point out what they swore was a baby bump -- but sources close to Chyna say fans got it twisted.

They categorically said she's absolutely not pregnant, and you can blame the "bump" on the fact Chyna was just bloated.

Chyna has been spending a lot of time with her boyfriend, YBN Almighty Jay, so many naturally thought she might've gotten knocked up.


  1. Bloated stomach despite surgery

  2. Now this is who tummy tuck epp. If she likes she should continue making babies, ko concern mi