Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Pics From Uche Jombo's Birthday Party

Dee Bee Collabo Talks About His Absence

I know a lot of people especially his fans might have been wondering where the collabo crooner has been. I ran into him online now, and thought you guys should know a little about his where about, and what he as in store for us. He jokingly told me he has been in UK for 3 months now, having fun with babes and popping some champagne. Anyway here are few questions I asked him for you guys….

Chilling with babes and popping champagne ...hmm true to his words,lol.

When did u leave Nigeria for London?
Collabo: I left September 28th for naija’s independent show
So why are you not back in the country yet?
Collabo: Cos I had to go to other countries as well for few shows
When should we be expecting you back home?
Collabo: January. Although I also have a US tour that month
Any new track?
Collabo: My new album is almost ready with some mind blowing songs.
You are having another tour in January, so when will your fans back home have a feel of you, or don’t you think you are been missed at home?
Collabo: Yes I know, but they also need me here, I will just manage the two together, but you know am based in Nigeria. I will be dropping two new videos soon, just for people to have a feel of what they should expect in my new album.
Thanks for your time.
Collabo: You are welcome.

Uche Jombo's Birthday Pics

Yesterday, December 28th actress Uche Jombo clocked 31 according to her. Obviously she is not; I can remember watching her in movies years back as an ‘aunty’ while I was still in secondary school, lol.  But of course every celeb has got a ‘celebrity age’. She didn’t’ just bore herself with work yesterday, as she went out with friends and colleagues like Ini Edo, Rita Dominic, Rukky Sanda, Nonso, Mike and Tonto Dike,to celebrate her special day. Pics above…

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

About Two Giant Entertainment Buffs

These two dudes made entertainment more relevant in Nigeria, especially the music industry. They both present an entertainment program on TV and Radio. They started as far as our so called commercial Nigerian songs can be remembered. The gist going around town is that these two ‘big boys’ may quit working together. Though they have had different conflicts in the past which as been resolved, but this one, a source said, might lead to their break up. We hear its money issue. I only wish they make up, and keep giving us more jamz and breaking new grounds. Still dont know them, here is a clue... one of them as the most popular and relevant music label in the country.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blog Update

Have been gone for a while now, but what would I have done, as painful as it was, I needed to attend to few other things that would fetch me money, {some crispy notes}, lol.
I got back to know Steel got married, Sharon Omolayo has been found, actor Tuvi James married his South African lover, and then Kida Kudz won the peak talent show, yeahhhhhhh. These are all amazing things, been positive all the way. Things I like to hear and be part off, lol. Well, I was busy with other deals, and funny enough I discovered another part of me. Never knew I could handle wedding ceremonies as if….. I handled one in Lagos and one in Ibadan and I got commended for the two which has really made me believe in this my new found interest. I really can’t wait for 2011, as I have got explosive things to do. Really crazy ideas, working while still having fun and making money. I will unfold them soon as I start, of course hoping to get few clients from here too. And for people that found my number and called me, thank u so much, it makes me believe people are actually reading this, love you guys so much. Before I forget this, I will like to say am really so happy and words cant even express how happy I feel, that the judges on the peak talent show did the right thing by picking the deserved winner. Kudos to Dayo Adeneye, OJB and Helen Paul. And for you Kuda, you know have got mad love for you, Kuda is going to be my son, my industry son, no doubt about that. He is so hot, talented and as got more swags than the word it self.

Wishing everyone a blissful new year, and do enjoy your holidays… From me to you, it’s kisses all the way.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


 This is really serious, as a young Nigerian girl by the name Sharon Omolayo got missing yesterday here in Lagos. She was last seen at her school premises in Ikeja. Sharon is 5yrs old and her parents have declared her missing. Please if you have seen this little girl or have any useful information about her where about, please call Solape on 08025945672. God bless you as you take note of that face.

Tuface Daughter, Isabel Clocks Two

Parents wit Isabel
Isabel Idibia, Tuface and Annie Macaulay’s daughter has clocked two years old on the 10th. of this month.  Indeed, time really flies. I could still recall the news of Annie getting pregnant for the music star, and when she gave birth in the United States.
Back to my gist, a little party was thrown at Annie’s home for the little girl. And guess who kept calling in? It was no other person than controversial actress Tonto Dike. She told everyone who cared to listen that Enenu, as Isabel is fondly called, is her god daughter. Annie and Tonto have been friends for a while now, but their friendship became deeper when Tonto almost went naked on stage with Tuface Idibia at his just concluded show held in his honour at Eko Hotel and Suites. We learnt Annie was delighted that Tonto accepted to play the role along side her baby daddy. A bird in the know also brought to our knowledge that she is the one solidly behind Annie and making sure she gets the few roles she is getting now in Nollywood. That’s why observing birds don’t get bothered whenever they spot Annie at Nollywood parties, as she always attend on Tonto’s invite. They have also been spotted together hanging out with Isabel. Here’s wishing the little damsel happy more years ahead. 
Sound sultan wit family

Girlfriend Fights Actor Murphy Afolabi over Infidelity

Katakata burst out at a film location recently in Abeokuta. It was at the making of a new movie by the lady who produced Gongo Aso, a Yoruba flick. We learnt the popular actor, Murphy Afolabi and his long time actress girlfriend; Wunmi Ajiboye almost let hell loose at the film location which also had Toyin Aimakhu on set.
According to an eye witness, actor Murphy Afolabi has been eyeing a particular lady at the film location. Later on, he made passes at the lady and she agreed to meet him at his reserved room. Just few minutes after the girl entered the actor’s room, some friends of Wunmi Ajiboye hinted her and she went banging the door of the room.
We gathered that, Wunmi was shouting on top of her voice, saying, “Murphy I know you are there with a lady, open the door!”. The actor, who knew what could happen, refused to open the door until much later when Wunmi had been calmed.
After the embarrassing situation, the producer of the movie gave the upcoming actress, the beating of her life and sent her out of the location premises after pleading with Wunmi who also featured in the movie. The two lovers didn’t speak with each other till they left the movie location. But we learnt they are back together now and things have returned back to normal between the two love birds.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Who Wan Die

God forbid this.

Between Adaeze And Fans

Here’s what is flowing on twitter. Some people are of the opinion that former beauty queen Adaeze Igwe loves  flaunting about her husband, Joseph Yobo. Here’s my take on this, who’s gonna have Yobo and won’t flaunt him, let’s be honest. But I was quickly reminded, someone has got Kanu, Okocha, and his likes. Ok sowee,lol. Anyway, that’s a pic of them NOW at a basketball match.

Paddy Adenuga On Making Babies

For a lot of people who thinks son of Billionaire Mike Adenuga, Paddy, will be getting married soon, especially when he recently tweeted he would be hunting for women last month, might have to wait a little more. The easy going dude tweeted this afternoon, that he might not be getting married soon nor having babies now. Hear him, ‘Everyone is having babies here & there & getting married... Yeah... I'm just going to postpone any of that happening to me anytime soon!’ Not so good thou, but sorry ladies, you will have to wait a little more. But not too worry, we have good rich dudes out there who are ready to make babies now!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just Me...

I know I have not been blogging well, I'm sorry I have just been too busy. You know I don't like when people come here and don't find something new to read, it makes me feel sick. But i just can't help it, cuz money first, lol. I'm really; really sorry.... will keep trying my best…muawh.... this girl won't stop laughing o, yes I know I can't live in Ghana. Cheers

Meet Sumbo And Kids

Here’s Sumbo and kids. Does anyone in that pic look like a popular musician making money everyday? I know you can all see Tuface in those boys,lol. Sumbo is one of his babymama’s and she has been said to be the best behaved... Plus i think she is the most beautiful too.

I Love

Does anyone love Rita’s outfit? I just love it! She looks amazing.

Banky W, Sasha Named Best Dressed

Yo! And am loving this. Rapper Sasha and Banky W have just been named best dressed female and male artist of the year by FAB at their just concluded event last night. Don't I love this two? Hmm, I love Sasha so tey, I named my female dog Sasha, and the male one, of course Terry g, lol. I'm sure most people by now know I love Terry g, madness or no madness and that settles it. Just that I have decided to take it cool on him (publicity wise), especially now that I have decided to make this blog a networking one,lol. But that doesn't mean I won't sometimes smack him. Banky rocks!  We love him, and we can’t but thank him for making some of us fall in love with r&b music.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hear Emeka Ike o...

Here’s what actor Emeka Ike said about Nollywood, a place where he also belongs. I like Emeka’s acting skills, that I can’t deny…meen….lol. Hear him, ‘Nollywood is not undergoing a lull as a matter of fact, the industry is dead right now. If you know how much Nollywood has been trampled upon you will know that there is no movie made right now that is structured on the Nollywood you and I use to know. What you see going on right now are perhaps the small boys around the industry in those days making some of the few movies you have around now. They love the art and since they have not been given any chance, they decide to call their friends together to do some low budget films. They try to feature a couple of known faces. They are just trying to sustain the business that has been crippled, bastardized, trampled upon and hijacked’. Small boys? Is anyone laughing? OMG

Queen Ure All Alone

Ure with Soul e
Queen Ure, hope you remember her? The older lover of music act Soul E is in the news again, but these time not so bad a negative news. She recently attended an event and we learnt all through her stay she was all alone.  An amebo who was also at the occasion scooped us that the onetime jovial pretty mother sat down quietly by herself all through the event. ‘I wonder what she has come to do here, considering her new status as a Pastor’ the amebo also stated.  

Shebaby Is Pregnant

Musician cum actress shebaby according to sources is currently expecting her first child. The babe who started up as a musician before delving into the movie world is currently pregnant for her lover who works with one of the giant communications outfit in the country. They recently had their traditional wedding and a date has been picked for their white wedding which will take place in February. Though she has been one way or the other linked with a juju artiste and another fuji artiste, which has been the talk of the town for quite some time now and has also had a negative effect on her career, the musician as decided to turn a new leaf by tying the knot. Here’s wishing her a safe delivery and hoping she will beat Toye to this. Na girl o! N.B Toye is the name of the lucky man.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

M.I's New Look

Who likes M.I’s new look? OMG seems the artiste is angry o. Hear him:
In the spirit of MI2 I want 2 share 1 of the funniest things I have ever seen!! May God punish them who did this.

9ice In Thanksgiving

Don’t know what 9ice thinks about these days. He just gets online and says anything, even if it doesn’t go with the world. Here’s what he just tweeted, but he forgot one of them o, lol. ‘To GOD Be The Glory. From Primary To Secondary. From Nothing To Something. From The Street To Luxury. I Go Give God The Glory’. But he forgot from ‘Married to Single’, haba bros! Lol, just kidding.

Lil Sound Sultan Drumming

So Sound Sultan’s daughter has started drumming. The father even bought her a drum set. Train your child the way and manner you want her to grow. I hear o.

I Will Never Make The Same Mistake My Father Made......M.I

So, M.I has dropped the shocker. For ya’ll who has been day dreaming about rap artiste M.I, I mean the short ladies, had better look else where. The rapper has come out to say, he is not ready to make the same mistake his father made, by marrying a short woman. According to him, ‘I can never marry a short woman, because I don’t want my kids to be short’. Is this ‘short’ thing getting at M.I? Well if you think you have got the height and of course you love the rapper, then keep trying your luck, as your chances with him are very high.

NOW Music Signs Terry G

Blog: true
I’m sure by now most of you doubting if whiz kid producer and intellectual madman Terry g is actually been signed under NOW music, did not to doubt any more because this is true, and it has been made official. Terry g’s new management is NOW music. And we all hope this will really change is brand to what we all hope it will be. The new management also manages the affairs of artistes like Tuface Idibia, Timi Dakolo and Tunde & Wunmi Obey. Here’s wishing Terry g success as he begins a new career in NOW music.

My Voice Not My Face.... W.C

Probably the best voice in Mo’Hits, but of course one of the finest voices in the music industry today in Nigeria. Wande Coal has come out to say his face is not his selling point, but his voice. Probably that was why the bumper to bumper crooner, didn’t have much problem when his nude picture was all over the internet.

Lover Beats Up Funke Adesiyan

Blog: To me, its beat up a friend o,lol.

So I was not in town, and I heard that upcoming actress Funke Adesiyan was beaten up by her friend lover boy actor, Saidi Balogun, the estranged husband of Fathia Balogun. When the news of the lovers started flying around town, I was one of the few people that first reported it, and  I didn’t  say ‘yes’ they were dating in my report, even though I knew they were. The next thing the actress did, after reading my column in the papers, was to call me on the phone saying all sort of things, but I was fast to tell her to keep her mouth shut, as I’m not one of the journalists she thinks she can insult. She further went saying, there is no love relationship between her and Saidi Balogun and so, she deserves an apology. Shortly after that, they both attended an award ceremony and their relationship blew more opened to the public. Anyway, that’s not the gist; we just can’t get enough of these actresses. For Funke to now come out, crying for help saying, Saidi beat me up, my lover beat me up. Oh my God, who is she saying this to? To her fans who she once deceived about this or the general public? Or does she want them to condemn the act of the actor? Indeed! Everyone has got a relationship, so Funke should please go and mend her tear tear cloth and leave us out of this. Next gist jare.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two Fighting...

Oh no. Our enemies shall fight for our sake. someone said.

Pass me ur luv crooner, to tie the knot

This might not be great news to some people, and some people might still find it odd, or even say it can’t be true. But music act, Ayoola Johnson, popularly referred to as Ay.Com is set to tie the knot on the 4th of Dec. with his not too long undergraduate girlfriend known as Joy. The marriage celebration will be in two parts: Engagement and a Court wedding. His bride to be is currently seven months pregnant.

Tonto to collaborate with Uti

Uti second from left, see wht this guy is doing o
Someone just whispered to me that actress Tonto Dike and BBA All Star winner, Uti Nwachukwu are both planning to shoot a movie together. The tatafo who is so sure of this says, the two are so close now, as they have both been heard saying, they can’t wait to get on set. I also hear the movie might be financed by Uti. Well, he as got N30M somewhere and plus Glo around the corner, Uti can spend as much as he likes. We only hope it’s not a porn movie. Good luck guys! N.B. Uti as always been an upcoming actor though. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Actress Moji Olaiya on her marriage break up

Hopefully by now, all her enemies should be hiding their face in shame. A strong rumour has been going around town that star actress, Moji Olaiya, and her husband who is one way connected to the Government of one of the Yoruba States in the country, have gone their separate ways. Moji has shunned rumour mongers up by coming out to say, her marriage is still very intact, and it is because of issues like this, that she has decided not to keep friends any longer. Nice, hoping she won’t ever join the clique of actresses who are separated from their husbands.

Maintain & Eunice Efole speaks on relationship

The news flying around town for sometime now is that, Island big babe, Eunice Efole and Nigerian hip hop star, Olu maintain are in a sizzling romance. They have reportedly been seen on different occasions holding hands like the newest love birds in town. Anyway, they have both come out to say their own side of the story. According to the musician, I have known Efole for quite sometime now and she is a good friend. I think we have something in common, but we are not dating, he said. Hearing from Efole, she says, I met Olu not too long ago, I helped him out on a thing, he appreciates it, and he is only showing some concern towards me. I think their different words make all this more complicated. shoots another video

Pass me your love crooner, who will soon be a baby daddy, has just shot a new musical video. The name of the video is called, Jaiye Lo Reloaded. It will be recalled that, after his hit single, pass me your love, which shot him into limelight, the music star dropped Jaiye lo, which also made a bit of air waves. He has decided to do a remix of the song, which was produced by Joshbeatz, and just shot the video. Some scenes from the video shoot were taken on 3rd mainland bridge, Lekki and it as also got a club scene. The video was directed by Clarence Peters. Here’s wishing him good luck on this, as the video was officially dropped yesterday on air.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fathia Balogun, Opeyemi Ayeola Takes Rift Over Corporate Pictures Boss To London

fathia balogun

Pretty actress, Faithia Balogun; the estranged wife of Saheed Balogun threw caution to the wind and was in a show of shame with her one time friend and colleague in the movie industry, Opeyemi Ayeola in Greenwich, axis of London on Friday, October 15, 2010.
We gathered that a cold war started years back because of their common lover, Rasak Abdullahi, popularly known as Corporate Pictures boss.
Their dispassion for each other almost created a scene on the red carpet at premiere of the blockbuster movie entitled Imala (The Triumph of Wisdom), produced by Matrix Entertainment.
According to a source, Faithia and Dele Odule were the centre of attraction on the red carpet. Opeyemi was one of the audience but her countenance change when she spotted Faithia on the red carpet with lots of Londoners trying to appreciate her, and this didn’t go well with Opeyemi. Close friends of the actresses said the bitterness was not because of the premiere but the fact that she was the one that took her place in the heart of Corporate pictures boss, Abdullahi, when their romance was secret but hot.
“Imagine, she just hissed at Faithia and warmly greeted Mr. Dele Odule before walking majestically into the reputable Odeon Cinema which is fanatical for films” disclosed a source. 

Ope Ayeola
 Faithia was said to have been enraged by Opeyemi Ayeola’s attitude towards her and threw caution into the wind, and purposely said some abusive words in Yoruba, meant to taint Opeyemi’s ego and effrontery to try to spoil her day.
She was quickly appealed to by some members of the organizing committee, who saved the day from open fight and commotion that might spoil the well packaged and well attended movie premiere by one Mr. Bidemi Alaran and Femtej Kreations Limited in United Kingdom.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kingsley of KC Presh becomes a Dad

Kingsley of the KC Presh musical group who got married to another babe after dumping actress Ebube Nwagbo is now a father. They had an elaborate wedding in March this year, before his under graduate wife moved in with him. Their baby girl was delivered in far away London, and we hear Kingsley is so proud to be a dad. Mother and child are said to be doing good. Congrats guy.