This is a serious issue and I think it’s time for the likes of Kenny Ogungbe, her record label owner to look into this. It’s enough insult on her that Kenny St. Brown, estranged wife of the defunct R&B group, Plantionshion boyz goes around with this lady dressed almost all the time wrong for an occasion and does not care. KSB is a diva who knows how to play her cards right when it comes to fashion. A lot of us can’t stop wondering why she has not put that right with her music sister. I mean if KSB can always come out gracefully, what stops her from dressing Essence up? After all, they always step out together. Essence has been seen several times wearing a jean and a care free top to red carpet events. In fact, that is still good. Did anyone see what Essence wore for her own Album launch? Oh dear that was your day, she looked too far below a music star, anyway that’s for another day. Alright, this is an advice to the people this might concern. Her record label owner, her publicist/manager and yes her best friend, KSB. This is it, Essence needs a total change of wardrobe, a fitness instructor [we are tired of seeing those flesh on her arms], in short a total make over. And if anyone reading this thinks this is just to put her name in the mud, then you are the singer’s number one enemy.

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