It’s almost Independence Day……


Ok, have got like four – five invitations now. And the one’s with my Editor I’m sure we can’t count. Hmm, well he is yet to give me any, but I know I’m getting the major part of it. So this is it, how many will I attend? Honestly, I don’t want to attend even one! lol, but I’m serious. I’m kind of tired attending events these days, may be next year I will continue flying around town, but  for now, there’s something in me, that wants me to stay back and just work from the studio or the office, except I have to conduct an interview, lol. Sowee for this boring post guys…..Hmm, but I have got a big friend, who sticks with me just like a big brother. He has an event tomorrow evening on the Island, and that’s like my event too…. So I must be there ooo….. plus have got an hotel room to sleep, if I must….But ozone make I just tell u o, let me stay back, cos if I come, na everything I see I will talk o. These celebs had better know this, lol.

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