Most of them are members of the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP. They are randy, socially active men who have been keeping the feminine gender happy, “empowering”, increasing ‘party members’, and generally ensuring the dividends of democracy gets to all and sundry directly or indirectly. Here are the randiest men in Ogun State Politics (part one)

Handsome: His sexual exploits was legendary before he was made a Commissioner. Quite good looking, smooth talker and a smashy dresser, it is rumored his ticket to the Federal House of Representatives is secured, reason why this engineer turned politician is firing from all cylinders to ensure he has the unprecedented followership, mostly made up of females who come in different shapes and sizes. From bankers to entrepreneurs, students to traders, our man is on top of his game.

Mr. Perfect
—- this man has been topping the charts since this administration came on board, smooth talker, good dress sense but goes for anything in skirts. From Yewa axis, the man shares the same first name with a medical doctor from Abeokuta who is eyeing the governorship seat of the state. Grapevine has it that staffers at his bureau can testify to his many sexcapades, he is even said to be a Liverpool fan which explains all…

Mr. Consistent: Our man is like wine, it appears he gets better with age. From his days as a two term lawmaker in the state’s House of Assembly to being a council boss, he has been spreading and showing love to female folks. This popular and admired political stalwart has a hotel in the state capital of Abeokuta. He is from Ogun Central Senatorial district.

Bankers Delight:
He was initially thought to be a pastor. Easy going, none drinking and definitely, does not smoke. Recent happenings have however given reasons that he could not be excluded from our list. Tall dark and quite fit, this Special Assistant majors in female bankers in the state, especially the yet to be married ones. Our man shares the same surname with a renowned philanthropist who died in incarceration some years back.

Corpers’ Haven—:
It was written sometimes back that this man does not stammer when chatting up a chic, his specialty is with those on Youth Service in the state. The CEO of a well patronized eatery and pub in the state capital, the man has no apologies anyway. There is no doubt that our man is tasteful, in his mid 50s, this photo genius was heard quoting a verse in the bible recently….the verse? Your guess is as good as mine…Isaiah 4 verse 1…

Widow’s Comforter:
This multilingual has so many unique qualities, widely traveled, learned and actively social. Aside young widows, our man that has striking similarities to the immediate past president of the country (first names inclusive) is also sympathetic to divorcees and single mothers, and peradventure, a straying married one comes to range.

Early Riser:
This one is a very smooth operator, it is being opined in many quarters that he brings home ghosts. Reason being that he brings his female friends home very late and they disappear before the cock crows, hence he is being labeled ‘early riser’. Fair in complexion, not too tall, our man is also a Special Assistant in charge of outdoor communications…

Lyrical and M.C Hammer:
The duo cannot be separated; they work closely together. Naturally, they share lots of things together, the feminine specie inclusive. Both have had stints with students’ activism in their different higher institutions, (both institutions are in Abeokuta). It is said that while the former (Lyrical) is in a class of his own, speaks well, dresses the part and the toast of the ladies from his days as a music presenter at a state owned television station, the other, who has more of the Students’ Unionism background has a more forceful approach. Both are good at ‘mobilizing’ but, most often than not, always disagree on who the ‘rebel’ leader really is between them. The latter has however been in the administration for a better part than his pal, who joined in the last term of the system. Lyrical is from Abeokuta while MC Hammer is from Yewa. To be continued.

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