Olaitan Oladapo Olaonipekun Barrack O’Grin


Just saw one of his timelines on twitter. It hurts me dat u are gone forever. I knw dis is out rightly wrong, but I just cant help it wit d way I feel right now. I regret no’t meeting you up at GRA dat day, if only I knew i wouldn’t see u again shey I wld have made it. The nxt thing I heard was ur accident, I was gonna come on Wednesday, but Tunde told me it was bad u cldnt speak. I said ok, the next day den. Then they called me and said, we shld all go as a group on Saturday, I agreed, but u left us on Thursday. That nite I cldn’t sleep at home, it was like ur spirit was in d house, I cired, I cldnt help myself, cldnt ask God why. Sheyman did a tribute song for u, and I asked myself y u let dat happen, y did u allow naija stars sing 4u, whn u ought 2b alive and rule d game. Yea, its sad, I dnt sing. But at ur tribute a lot of ur colleagues were  there, they 4got abt u so soon, they were afta women, asking ladies out. I looked at them and felt sorry 4them, bcus it cld hav been anyone. If only u knew who ur true friends were, but now u see all of us, you knw the people that truly love u. Dnt knw y I tend to miss u now dat I know I cant see u. I knw u dnt knw u mean dis much 2me,but u do. U loved and appreciated me, whnever I called, u get excited and shout DUNNI. Now, hav got my fone wit me wit ur 2numbers, deleting them. Wot a life.  And dat car? Shit! I remember u sayin so dearly dat u were gonna make it, and jst one maxima and a new apartment, death came calling.  RIP, RIP….. still crying……but i will be fine..

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