Sukanmi Omobolanle’s Romance With K1’s Daughter Crashes


This is no good news at all, especially to close friends of Sukanmi and Sekinat Anifowose who thought they were heading for the altar. Sukanmi is Pa Aluwe’s Son while Sekinat is K1’s daughter and also a student of Lead City University in Ibadan. While Sukanmi as we all know is an actor. They both met at Ibadan sometimes ago, and one thing led to the other, and they both fell in love. They took their love to the next level, as they were always sighted together at almost all the clubs in the ancient city. A bird who is in the know says whenever Sukanmi is on a movie location; Sekinat hardly attends any social function, as she prefers to be on her own. It’s unfortunate that the story as turned around and they have both gone their separate ways. It was heard that Sekinat accused Sukanmi of cheating on her, and so she opted out. Sukanmi has denied this allegation and says they are just friends. But the latest of them all is that Sukanmi is said to be in a love relationship with a babe who lives in the United Kingdom.
These so called celebs never seize to amaze me. ‘We are not dating, we are only friends’. Is there anything hidden in this life? They never accept anything, until the wind blows and we see fowl yanch. Can anyone remember Actress Ebube and Kingsley of KC Presh? Even till Kingsley almost got married, they were still denying it, until they both accepted later. Or is it the stories of different beauty queens? They keep denying till picture speaks. hahaha

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