Top Musician impregnates GF


This is a fact. You can’t read this in the newspapers, you might get to read it may be in few weeks time, I never can tell, but that’s the more reason you need to stick to this blog, lol. This music star got really famous not too long ago, with a love song. The hit song was played everywhere, and not too long after that he broke up with his music producer, which got a lot of music lovers worried. Till date, they both don’t talk. His not too long girlfriend who is an undergraduate of one of the higher institutions in the country is currently carrying his baby. They had their introduction few weeks back, but it was strictly for family and friends. That is all I can say for now. But let me give you a clue on the guy. His name (real name) starts with the 1st alphabet and still ends with the 1st alphabet while his surname starts with the 10th alphabet. Whatever name you arrive at, you are on your own o, make no body come between me and my friend, lol.  

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