In the mood of goSSip….


So I hear a Nollywood actress is preparing herself to perform at a movie premiere of a younger colleague. As a matter of fact, she just lost a fan, though I’m not so much into movies, I prefer music anyday. But what the f**k, why should this babe that has made a good name for herself all these years, before the younger colleague dreamt of Nollywood do such all in the name of I’m still ‘relevant’. These celebs can do anything for fame o. 


This is really funny and annoying. I have heard of this before and confirmed from her manager, or is it her publicist cuz I think they both don’t know what they want, and he denied it. I later spoke with her (the babe herself), on this same issue and she also denied it. It’s so funny that this babe is just 28 or 29yrs old, and no one can tell why she prefers dating younger guys. This is true and it’s no longer a rumour. I hear she is so in love with this young chap, that she says she can do anything for him. They say the boy fine sha. Here’s a clue to who she is; she loves cruising around town with her lover’s(another guy) Navigator that she almost killed herself and her sister with when she had an accident in Ikeja months back. Clue no 2; she is a very poor singer, and her hip hop way has been termed ‘local’, she is also a waka pass actress. Her dress sense is zero, and nothing to write home about when she attends few important functions they manage to call her too. For people who are still saying, ‘I still don’t know her’, here’s the last clue joo, she has once been rumoured to date Alabi pasuma, Bayowa films C.E.O, and Dele Taiwo, oh mine! What a clique!


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