Friday, October 22, 2010

ok, read this

I know have not been posting lately. Have been too busy since Tuesday, and that’s why I couldn’t post, but managed to post this 3new ones today. Hav been planning all week for an event am hosting tomorrow, (Saturday)… thought I will be resting the next day, but no.. have got an award ceremony to attend, a meeting with miss ogun, (tnx she's coming to c me) and that same day again, I have got to start planning for another event coming up soon… not complaining but I feel really sick…. Praying to look good for tomorrow,lol.

But the most exciting of them all is that, hence forth, this blog becomes a gossip networking blog... Its going to be crazy.... all i know is that, i won't post what i didn't see... its going to be all abt facts, but i can tell u, you will all love it...laughing already. see yaaaaa....N.B for all my friends coming tomrw, come late and get a diss! lol

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  1. wht will u giv us if we come early..hahaha....try and rest, dnt over work urself babes