Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hear Emeka Ike o...

Here’s what actor Emeka Ike said about Nollywood, a place where he also belongs. I like Emeka’s acting skills, that I can’t deny…meen….lol. Hear him, ‘Nollywood is not undergoing a lull as a matter of fact, the industry is dead right now. If you know how much Nollywood has been trampled upon you will know that there is no movie made right now that is structured on the Nollywood you and I use to know. What you see going on right now are perhaps the small boys around the industry in those days making some of the few movies you have around now. They love the art and since they have not been given any chance, they decide to call their friends together to do some low budget films. They try to feature a couple of known faces. They are just trying to sustain the business that has been crippled, bastardized, trampled upon and hijacked’. Small boys? Is anyone laughing? OMG


  1. i do believe it is "small boys" running the industry...some of them were like production assistants and PA's to directors and most of them don't know what they're doing but emeka ike is a joker so nobody takes him seriously..a little loco..emeka is crazy as hell..and ladun his acting is bad..compared to the old emeka ike he just mumbles and forgets his lines in movies and he always looks retarded. and i believe majority of the industry is also how many actors are still acting?how many movies r good? i think there is a kind of restructuring going on behind the scenes and hopefully we can get something good..dunno who AMAA is going to nominate since none of the so-called big movies r out yet.

  2. All i can say is hmmmm