Saturday, September 11, 2010

Banky w's Request

Banky w with 9ice

Guess it is only the strong thing crooner, Banky W that can explain the content of his direct message to his State Governor. Here’s what he tweeted, ‘I just sent a tweet to my State Governor. I’m now prostrating alone in my room’. Hopefully, the singer in any way does not intend going into politics, but wait I get it now. Who says it’s not good to be smart, abeg make every good use of any little opportunity you have. May be Banky wants to campaign for his State Governor in the forth coming elections? If that’s the case, well he won’t be the first, after all Actress Oby Edozieh has started campaigning for General Ibrahim Babangida for President on her Facebook page.
But who will receive millions of Naira for a movie and not support the man’s ambition. Ride on Banky, you might also be lucky here. Please don’t even try to deny this, denials not necessary.

Joseph Yobo Moves To Turkey

 Football star Joseph Yobo has moved to Turkey with his wife, Adaeze Igwe after completing his season-long loan move from English Premier League side Everton to Fenerbahce. We got to know of this news courtesy of Adaeze, who says’ I can’t wait to start furnishing my new apartment’ *dancing* Lol

Friday, September 10, 2010


Toni Payne Lambasts 9Ice...
Says money made from Tradition is BLOOD MONEY
Calls 9ice manager, a home breaker
Asks 9ice to apologize to Ruggedman

This words of war started yesterday on twitter and continued this morning. To be honest, this isn’t what we expected from Toni or 9ice, as most of their fans think they will get back together sooner or later. Anyway, Toni who couldn’t take no more shits from 9ice went on twitter to express her mind. And even putting Dehinde Fajana, 9ice manager into the whole drama. Some of their fans say, this is for Toni to get more publicity, while some think she is only speaking her mind. Well, me think they don’t need to wash their dirty linen publicly, Chikena!

Terry G Is Better Now....

A lot of people have been expecting me to comment on this, but like I said on my Facebook page, Terry G is fine and all thanks to God. Here’s the whole truth.

He had an accident early hours of Saturday morning at around 3am along Chemiron Pharmaceuticals on

Metalbox Road, off Wemco Road in Ogba, here in Lagos.

He drove in his old all black all tinted Toyota Camry car with two members of House of Ginger, Rakwell and IQ.

They all sustained injuries, but Rakwell was still conscious enough to call Ayodeji, their manager who rushed to the scene and took them to TRIUMPH HOSPITAL, located at no 32, unity road in Ikeja.

He was discharged on Wednesday 8th of September.

Its true he had a serious neck injury.

That’s all I can say for now. For more exclusive read REALITY WEEKLY MAGAZINE on Monday,lol.

I’m sorry but if I say it all, some people will copy it, like they copied some materials earlier, hiss.

All the same, the ginger ur swagga crooner is fine, he is doing good. He is full of thanks to God and also to all his fans.


COSSY Is Broke!
Cossy orjiakor a lot of you know her due to her over size two oranges on her chest which she has made public for several years now. It will be recalled that the actress or is it singer, just choose one, bought a Black Rav4 Jeep years back and painted the town red with the car. But these days, Cossy has suddenly reduced her social outings as the car is not in its best conditions. The car as you read this has been abandoned along Yaya Abatan road in Ogba. The actress was said to be driving the jeep before it parked up, and just pushed it to one corner of the road. Visibly, the Jeep that carries its plate number as COSSY, can be seen as been wrecked.  If you are reading this, and you know the busty actress, please advice her to get a towing vehicle to tow the car to a mechanic workshop at least before it is been towed by the men of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority [LASTMA]. 

What Happened To Lilian Bach?
Light skinned actress Lilian Bach has been off the scene for quite a while now, only for her to surface back not in movies, but in movie premiere’s. Anyone who sees this actress that just got out of a failed marriage will know she is truly a shadow of herself. Lilian looks really older and so bleached that you can tell mere seeing her. And about her pan cake? That didn’t do any justice at all to her face. She looks totally messy.

Muma Gee Is Married

Music diva and one of the best dressed female celebrities around, at least when we talk about the music industry, Muma gee is finally married. She got married recently in PH, River States. Has a chief in her hometown, her marriage process takes about five stages and she is so happy to have completed all. It will be of note to know that, the singer’s found love is also into entertainment. His name is Prince Eke, an upcoming Nollywood actor. They both stepped out last month at an event in Lagos, which left a lot of people wondering and curious about the guy’s identity. Here’s wishing Muma all the best in her marriage. Just like some have succeeded, you will also succeed. Please don’t forget to refer to her as Mrs Eke when next you see her.

Rukky Sanda Rocking NY!

Rukky left the shores of the country days back for New York with fellow actress Uche Jombo. According to the actress they were going to attend an award night where they will both be honoured. Just like some wicked birds have been saying around town, that Rukky likes cheap publicity and has appeared in the pages of Magazines more than the movie she as featured in. In fact this actress is proving them right. An amebo who saw Rukky in the states said the actress has been going from one store to another dressed in a blue hot pant jean with a sleeveless top showing who ever cares the tattoos on her laps. She was also sighted at IHOP Restaurant . She has just been making herself visible, she said. And true to her words, Rukky has been posting different pictures of herself on social networks. Abeg, let them leave her to rock her world. As far as I’m concerned she is a good actress. You don’t have to appear in all movies before you are called one, please don’t laugh. She is expected back in the country anytime soon.


This was an actress who took this shameful act to twitter last week, lamenting about how her personal assistant has been starved of food at a film location and so she is quitting and won’t complete her last shoots. She kept hammering on that, and went further giving them few minutes to serve the girl food or else she leaves the movie location. It took the intervention of Omoni Oboli a fellow actress before she continued with the movie and the lady was served her meal. Shameless, if una no come location, u na no go chop? This brings me to this P.A thing in the industry. I’m not trying to yab this actress, but it all actresses that now needs a P/A? When you are not that busy, what do you need it for? Those that have them, needs them due to their busy schedules. From your little income, you still want to pay someone, oh okay I forgot, ego!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Uche Jombo On WOW Cover

Nollywood Actress Uche Jombo on the cover of WOW Magazine. The magazine is a Nigerian Mag.