Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ruggedman Replies 9ice

Oh my, not known to many of us and his colleagues that even before the said September 20th which 9ice was supposed to release the said diss track, before he postponed it till the 21st, Ruggedman had already gone into the studio with his crew to reply 9ice. Funny enough, I don’t know why 9ice did that diss track, cos if you ask me, that was just a song. Saying you are scouting with your mum, the car isn’t yours and even calling Ruggedy a bastard you will agree with me, it’s really not a diss. I mean there has been too much noise about it, and one would have thought it would be ‘killing’. 9ice isn’t good at this, simple. And Ruggedman, we all know he has once won a battle, and he is sure used to this. Who will forget Rugged and Modenine’s war words? And now that the rapper is done with his reply to 9ice, I advice the Alapomeji C.E.O to go get himself a bullet proof. And trust me; I went to make my findings, lol. Rugged’s diss track was recorded at Ksolo’s Agege Pencinema studio last week and this is authoritative. But one thing is clear, ksolo only did his job as a music producer, and he is not taking sides in this. The track will shake the whole of Alapomeji, an insider alleged.
 I pray this riff ends now; abi now. Stakeholders in this should please act fast abeg,biko, make peace reign in the music industry once again, shikena. lol.

Terry G shoots Sangalow part 2

By now everyone knows whiz kid producer Terry G is back to normal duties after his ghastly auto crash. He resumed back to work on the 20th of Sept. and shot his Sangalow’s video on Thursday 23rd. It featured some mad dancers and of course Sound City big boy Derele Edun. It’s a video to surely watch out for.
You will surely not be disappointed, Too much MADNESS... ALL FOR FREE in the House of Ginger. Aren’t we happy to see the crooner doing great again? We thank God.

I Won’t Abandon My Five Kids…. Tuface

Tuface Idibia one of Africa's best, has again said he is not ready to abandon his five kids and three women.  He was quoted to have said recently that “I have five kids from three lovely ladies.  Abi na women I go call them? I try as much as possible to see them because I have little or no time.”
And on the reasons why he decided to be a polygamist, he said: “I did not plan to have kids from different women but at a point in my life, it happened and I said I will not run away from it. I will stand and face the responsibility.”

We are yet to know whether he will settle down with one of the ladies that bore him the kids or not. But here’s what the singer said again “I never know oh! It might be one of them and it may not be,” he said.
Here’s wishing him luck even as he plans to settle down soon. Abi now, we no go say he doesn’t deserve a happy life due to this. Shine on bro.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Joseph And Adaeze Yobo In Turkey

Adaeze and Yobo yesterday at the wedding ceremony of Turkish National Team goalkeeper, Volkan Demirel.
Ada looks really amazing. I pretty love her shoes, they are damn too hot. Love or hate… we are loving them ,lol.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Terry G is back to work

Terry g who was involved in a ghastly auto crash early this month is said to be fit and back to his feet. He was welcomed back to his Fagba-Iju based studio this morning with fans and well wishers all over him. From me, its thank u Lord and welcome back bro. Don’t worry I’m bringing Mr Biggs for u, lol.

Area boys in police uniform?

Happy Birthday Opomulero

Happy birthday Ruggedman. Hoping 9ice n Seriki's diss track won't get you down 2day..  Dance alanta jor

Top Musician impregnates GF

This is a fact. You can’t read this in the newspapers, you might get to read it may be in few weeks time, I never can tell, but that’s the more reason you need to stick to this blog, lol. This music star got really famous not too long ago, with a love song. The hit song was played everywhere, and not too long after that he broke up with his music producer, which got a lot of music lovers worried. Till date, they both don’t talk. His not too long girlfriend who is an undergraduate of one of the higher institutions in the country is currently carrying his baby. They had their introduction few weeks back, but it was strictly for family and friends. That is all I can say for now. But let me give you a clue on the guy. His name (real name) starts with the 1st alphabet and still ends with the 1st alphabet while his surname starts with the 10th alphabet. Whatever name you arrive at, you are on your own o, make no body come between me and my friend, lol.  

MEMO To A Naija Songstress.

She started few years back and we all thought there won’t be any babe who would be able to sing like her. She was hot and was a backup singer for a musician that we have never seen his face (that’s his own brand). She later went solo and didn’t do well. She is just newly married. There’s a new upcoming act that bears the same stage name with her. Her stage name is simply three letters. It starts with the 5th alphabet and follows with the 7th alphabet. Please if you are reading this and you know this singer, please help me tell her ‘igbo’ (weeds) is not the ‘inthing’, it destroys. I even learnt she takes it now, like her life depends on it. She

Actress Susan Peters Buys Range Rover

She started acting back in the days. But when the likes of us started watching Nigerian home videos, we couldn’t find her. If you call her a onetime actress you are not so wrong. But I learnt she is trying to get her fit back into Nollywood. But here’s the gist: the actress just acquired a N14.5M Range Rover and has been cruising around town with it. Come to think of it, when was the last time she acted in a movie? Hmm, my thoughts.
PICS: thnks to Niyi tabiti

Actress MONALISA CHINDA Marks birthday

Actress and Glo Ambassador Monalisa chinda, marked her birthday party yesterday, Sunday 19th of Sept. at Aura night club on the Island. The party was all fun as many of her colleagues were in attendance. It’s obvious that Monalisa has gotten over her failed marriage and now rocking life too d fullest. Here’s wishing her a happy belated bufday.
But I will still say my own… this ladies should please stop falling out of marriage, cos it seems they are making it like a trend now. If I start mentioning names, I won’t leave here today. Pls stop sending wrong signals to the younger folks. Marrying career? As if the career is even there, lol.