Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Pics From Uche Jombo's Birthday Party

Dee Bee Collabo Talks About His Absence

I know a lot of people especially his fans might have been wondering where the collabo crooner has been. I ran into him online now, and thought you guys should know a little about his where about, and what he as in store for us. He jokingly told me he has been in UK for 3 months now, having fun with babes and popping some champagne. Anyway here are few questions I asked him for you guys….

Chilling with babes and popping champagne ...hmm true to his words,lol.

When did u leave Nigeria for London?
Collabo: I left September 28th for naija’s independent show
So why are you not back in the country yet?
Collabo: Cos I had to go to other countries as well for few shows
When should we be expecting you back home?
Collabo: January. Although I also have a US tour that month
Any new track?
Collabo: My new album is almost ready with some mind blowing songs.
You are having another tour in January, so when will your fans back home have a feel of you, or don’t you think you are been missed at home?
Collabo: Yes I know, but they also need me here, I will just manage the two together, but you know am based in Nigeria. I will be dropping two new videos soon, just for people to have a feel of what they should expect in my new album.
Thanks for your time.
Collabo: You are welcome.

Uche Jombo's Birthday Pics

Yesterday, December 28th actress Uche Jombo clocked 31 according to her. Obviously she is not; I can remember watching her in movies years back as an ‘aunty’ while I was still in secondary school, lol.  But of course every celeb has got a ‘celebrity age’. She didn’t’ just bore herself with work yesterday, as she went out with friends and colleagues like Ini Edo, Rita Dominic, Rukky Sanda, Nonso, Mike and Tonto Dike,to celebrate her special day. Pics above…

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

About Two Giant Entertainment Buffs

These two dudes made entertainment more relevant in Nigeria, especially the music industry. They both present an entertainment program on TV and Radio. They started as far as our so called commercial Nigerian songs can be remembered. The gist going around town is that these two ‘big boys’ may quit working together. Though they have had different conflicts in the past which as been resolved, but this one, a source said, might lead to their break up. We hear its money issue. I only wish they make up, and keep giving us more jamz and breaking new grounds. Still dont know them, here is a clue... one of them as the most popular and relevant music label in the country.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blog Update

Have been gone for a while now, but what would I have done, as painful as it was, I needed to attend to few other things that would fetch me money, {some crispy notes}, lol.
I got back to know Steel got married, Sharon Omolayo has been found, actor Tuvi James married his South African lover, and then Kida Kudz won the peak talent show, yeahhhhhhh. These are all amazing things, been positive all the way. Things I like to hear and be part off, lol. Well, I was busy with other deals, and funny enough I discovered another part of me. Never knew I could handle wedding ceremonies as if….. I handled one in Lagos and one in Ibadan and I got commended for the two which has really made me believe in this my new found interest. I really can’t wait for 2011, as I have got explosive things to do. Really crazy ideas, working while still having fun and making money. I will unfold them soon as I start, of course hoping to get few clients from here too. And for people that found my number and called me, thank u so much, it makes me believe people are actually reading this, love you guys so much. Before I forget this, I will like to say am really so happy and words cant even express how happy I feel, that the judges on the peak talent show did the right thing by picking the deserved winner. Kudos to Dayo Adeneye, OJB and Helen Paul. And for you Kuda, you know have got mad love for you, Kuda is going to be my son, my industry son, no doubt about that. He is so hot, talented and as got more swags than the word it self.

Wishing everyone a blissful new year, and do enjoy your holidays… From me to you, it’s kisses all the way.