A Friend Indeed

A friend sent me this. All these about me?  Thank you my friend jare…. muawhh

So full of life with so much to do
she spreads her wings and flies,
when someone needs a helping hand
you know she’ll hear their cries.

A friend like her is hard to find
I know because I’ve tried.
She wears her heart upon her sleeve
but, I’ve never seen her cry.

When I’m in need she is right there
busy or not, she’ll find the time.
Her wings don’t show, but I know
for me they always shine.

She hates to wait, but that’s no crime
you have to understand her.
She’ll give you the shirt right off her back;
she’s everybody’s mother.

I’m proud to say that she’s my friend
don’t know what I’d do without her,
so I just wrote this little poem
to let her know I love her.

To a great friend, with love

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