M.I And Kelly Hansome @ War Again

When the going was good
Why should M.I diss Kelly Hansome in his latest album and expect Kelly to keep quiet about this, knowing he doesn’t take bullshits. Even when you don’t refer to him, he throws stones. M.I started this and here’s what he said in his MI2 album, ‘See dis wowo boy dey form handsome, Kelechukwu clap for yourself… well done.
And days ago Kelly’s facebook status read ‘Now in the studio to reply Jude Abaga, I’ma kill this in an hour. Big up uglybeatz!!’.
He also went ahead on Friday stating, ‘I dey my own some boi dey recite my name like a poem, where were you all? Yet he claims he doesn’t know me…lmao. ‘Kelly Hansome is handsome’ now na wowo boy..lol. How many times now? You all just wait and see how incredible he is… he must have a chocolate master plan…these blood test 1.. buhahahaha! Illuminate your minds, fools!!’.
Indeed these dudes won’t kill us o. Kelly hansome has released a track via his twitter page titled ‘finish you boy’, where he spoke his mind on how he feels about M.I and the chocolate city boys. Jesse Jags and Ice prince have also replied Kelly hansome, but what would they have done? lol
Kelly likes trouble sha, why should he use his pic and MI’s on his facebook page; I mean at this time of this their brouhaha. Search for ‘Kelly Hansome’ on facebook to see for yourself, be sure the spellings are right pls.

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