Grow Some Hair

There’s this new act in the music industry, and I hear he just got signed on to Kennis Music. His name is Joe Everlasting, who his friends refer to as Jol El. This guy as the pic says it all is a splitting image of Tuface Idibia.
In his new single, I No Mind, Joe sounded like Tuface, while is promotional video has seen several fans of Tuface mistaken him for the multi award winner.
I’m not angry about this, as resemblance isn’t a sin. But to try and sound and even have the same hair cut with this guy, its not right and that’s a sin.
I advise Joe El, to please grow some hair, so their fans could spot a difference. And if you don’t yield to advice, then keep living under another man’s shadow, and let’s see how many awards you will get.

Pic: tnx to Bigboui

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