Stop Stealing From This Blog OOOOO

To be honest, I want to limit the way I diss people on this blog, but some people would just keep getting on my nerves. Why should a website, not a blogspot o, a website like, who a lot of people see as very informative at least, as long as entertainment is concerned, come to my blog and steal my stories and pictures without acknowledging me. I mean it’s just so annoying. They claim they have more hands, at least we see different names on the website, but here, how many names do you see, is it not just one, and yet, you will still come and steal. I didn’t want to mention any name before, but since they have refused to stop, despite my warning on this blog I have to mention their name. I have seen my post somewhere now, and I was acknowledged. It’s not for anything; I just don’t want my blog to be a copy copy blog. Most blogs post the same thing especially here in Nigeria, and that’s what I hate. But when you come here and steal without any acknowledgment, people say oh, they are doing the same thing, and that to me, doesn’t make the blog interesting.
I don’t need to say anymore, questionmark you know my three new posts you stole, please don’t let it happen again, and I’m serious about this.
Please go to and see what I mean. The funniest part is the post I titled ‘Grow some hair’. To be honest it isn’t even a new story at all. That guy was unveiled last year at Goldie’s album launch, can you imagine last year ni o. Was going thru my archives and I saw it, so I decided to make a story out of it. Then what did do? They quickly twisted the story, thinking it is new, stole the picture and alas, they tagged their name on it, on the pic. Just imagine, and the Iceprince story nko? Same thing! Rukky Sanda’s pic? Same thing! If they claim they can also get Rukky’s pic, why is it that, it is the particular one I decided to post out of about almost 10pics that I have with me, is the one they also have on their website… long hiss.
Biko leave my posts alone. The same thing they once did to

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