Trybson Plays Dagrin In Ghetto Dreamz

After all said and done. The audition for the new Dagrin movie took place over the weekend and one Trybson has been chosen to play this symbolic role.
Not only has he got almost the same look with the late rapper, he has very deep intense of music, and have got the right swag the producers of the movie are looking for.
It has since been a perfect journey, a source said. The only thing a lot of the youths won’t agree with is the lady chosen to play the role of his girlfriend in the movie.
‘A lot of people already know Doris Simeon, she is a known face, she is way older than Dagrin, she is married with a kid, are they, the producers now saying she is the best person for the role, even with thousands of beautiful young girls on the streets of Lagos? No we think it’s not right’, the source concluded.
Doris is the wife of Daniel Ademinokan, the guy directing the movie and she is a very notable face in the Yoruba movie world.
Now we know why.

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