Encomium Black And White Ball

I was not at the party cuz I never intended too, lol and really don’t know why though. But ynaija was there, so what do I say, thanks for the pics, lol. Even if I go nko, na me go snap? Biko let’s see some flops that we noticed, lol.
She is a hip hop act. Her name is Eazy lizzy, guys can u believe this? See dressing o, obviously she looks like one of those girls that dances for Obesere, and it’s party time, they need to change for their owambe party. Check out how she has got a permanent tattoo via her bra lines. Didn’t anyone see her before leaving home? Taste!
This might not be so good, but I tell you, this is the best outfit I have seen Essence on. Looks good though, thank goodness. Even her facebook video didn’t rock it.

She is one of those IBAN chicks. Those girls that came on our tv singing like no Nigerian girl could sing, plus their colour riot outfits, now you remember her. She really looks old here, I guess the next thing is marriage jor.

Sasha looks fab, always killing it. Thanks girl
Rihanna plus Empress, oh well… what happened to her tummy? Hmm reasons Timaya left her, someone just said, not me, but at least she as a Range Rover to herself now, hmm, enough said. Next!
It seems Helen Paul is pregnant, oh well, what comes with marriage. She looks really big here. It’s a good thing dearie.
For how long can you hide behind your age, not so long, cuz it slowly shows up. Check out Kenny’s face. She still looks good though.
Goldie, you ought to have let that hair down babe, u would have looked out of this world. Lovely..

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