Friday, March 18, 2011

Terry G's Birthday

Hmm, so tired, we had fun today… It was fun galore for us. It was Terry g’s day and even though he didn’t celebrate it, he had few close friends who came around and had a nice time with him. Amongst them, at least the one I like was Uti Nwachukwu of BBA. Before then, he went out in the morning to pay a visit to a motherless baby’s home, to share the special day with them. The only bad was that a lot of people were at his Iju studio to see the music act, but met his absence.
I jokingly asked him about the riff his long-time friend Ayzee yo has with him and what warranted that, ‘Ladun, you won’t believe it, we have no problems at all and someone just told me he wrote me a letter. AYzee knows my address, knows my mum’s address, if he wants to write me, he knows the postal address. Letter wey I no see, how I wan take reply am. Lwkm
And that’s Terry playing the snooker game, he had fun too, lol


  1. Happy birthday Terry g

  2. ha Ladun, its u who is posting about's baby, now terry g again. why dont u settle the quarrel btw them. i know u can do it, you r a press, and by that everyone will get to read it in the papers.

  3. anonymous 5.17,who told u dat terry and ay stil got beef?chuks slam

  4. Lol, they are both on talkin terms thnk u annoy 5:17